Extravagant Hope - 2021

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May Mailing

Not only could we all use a bit more hope these days, I think we need Extravagant Hope - the stubborn, making its own light in the darkness kind, and this monthly mailing offers just that.

You will receive an envelope full of new prints to frame or share, stickers, postcards, bits and pieces of life I've been collecting to share with you including suggestions of books to read, quotes to keep close at heart, and music playlists to make the long days lighter, a letter from me, extra items intended to delight and surprise you, and somehow...even a little bit more.

Each month will be a little different, but all of them will be packed with hope.

Your package of hope will be mailed on May 14, 2021, and all subsequent months, if ordered, on the 14th of that month. Single month orders do not auto renew, but a new listing for each month will go up the month before if you want to order one at a time. Shipping is included in the price of the mailing, and for US addresses, will include tracking.*

I'm sharing a few peeks of some of the goodness included in a previous mailing in the listing photos to give you an idea of what types of things might arrive for you, but each month's envelope won't be revealed until after they've shipped, because what's more fun than the surprise of seeing hope tumble out of an envelope by way of art and stationery? If we're friends on Instagram, or you love my newsletter, The Pigeon Post, this mailing is like getting to bring all those things I love, and love to share with you, to life. I can't want to send hope your way.

Leave me a note! Use the order notes to tell me how you're doing, and what you're hoping for in life right now - I love hearing about where you are as I pack and write you a note for your order.

The nitty gritty: This item will be mailed on May 14, 2021, and all subsequent months, if ordered, on the 14th of that month.

Want to sign up for more than one month at a time? Check out the two month option! *I'm hoping that this monthly mailing continues to thrive so that I can offer an easy recurring charge subscription option moving forward after the six month mark in June, just in case you're wondering why only one or two.

*If you are shipping an international address, tracking is not included in this shipping method to keep the cost down. Shipping times are unpredictable right now, especially internationally, and some envelopes are delivering in a week or two, and some six to eight. I am committed to offering this option for all my international friends, so if you don't mind some travel time, I am so happy to send hope wherever the USPS will let me! 

If you order any other physical product with this mailer, it will be fulfilled and shipped separately.